Partial chapter of a Utah based superhero team. 

 “Who’s car?” Moroni asked a bystander as Molly and Luke got to the parking lot.

Moroni joined two other people who were standing next to a car that was double parked near the doors of the church. The engine blared over the people talking.

“Don’t know” a man answered. “but the damage and the empty car revving. We thought we should wait for a cop.”

“What is that asphalt rock thing on the hood?” Another gentleman asked out loud.     

“We can find out when the smoke has cleared.” Luke asked

Luke was walking around the car, as Molly looked at the large dents in the hood. “Are those made by hands??”

Moroni looked at the marks, he picked up his phone, “We are looking for an augmented human.”

 “We have bigger problems” Luke had stopped by the back-passenger window, “There is someone is in the truck.”

Moroni ran to look in the back seat that was empty.

Moroni looked for a moment around the back of the car.

“In the trunk” Luke said, “and they are tied up, unconscious and slowing heart beat.”

“How do you know?” Moroni asked.

“Call it a hunch. Just open it and see. Before someone dies.” Luke demanded.

Moroni looked around the car, “I don’t see anything.”

They stopped as they both became aware of a light coming from the driver’s door.

Luke and Moroni looked up to see flames coming from one of Molly’s hand.

 “If he sees it,” Molly said, “I believe him.”

Luke smiled.

BOOM! Luke jumped as the driver’s side window burst with an explosion drowning the roar of the engine.

Molly was reaching in the shattered driver’s side window.

Molly was going for the key.

“Stop!” Moroni shouted; Molly froze.

“Something is wired under the seat. Pop the trunk but leave the key running.”

Smoke poured out of the popped trunk.

Moroni coughed as he pulled a man out. The man that Moroni was talking to earlier helped him lift the injured and bound man and get him to the side walk.

More people were coming to the parking lot from around the neighborhood.

“Everyone! Back away.” Moroni called to the onlookers. “Where is an ambulance?”

The injured man’s hands were tied behind him. His hair, blond and curly, and with a long beard, he was wearing an out of place middle eastern outfit. The volunteer pulled a knife from his pocket and started cutting the tape from his wrists.

“Here they come.” Luke called.

A group that was standing on the other side of the now empty parking lot made way but didn’t disperse. The police and fire truck came racing around the corner.

Luke moved to the broken window next to Molly.

“Why is this glass hot?” Luke questioned as he leaned against the door.

“You’re not the only one with powers.” Molly said with confidence.

Luke nodded, impressed, as he looked around the car.

“See those wires?” Luke said pointing to wires loose in the dashboard. “When the engine’s RPM drops, they will touch. They connect to something, under the seat, that I will assume is a bomb.”

“I can stop that from happening.” Molly said.

“With heat?” Luke asked with shock. “Don’t try…”

Moroni and the civilian were on the other side of the cars. The tape that held the injured man’s hands had been cut off.

The man was breathing fast and short, but his eyes were wide open looking around with fear.

“Is the ambulance here yet?” Moroni asked. “This guy is going to need one.”

Luke walked over to the hood of the car. “He looks fine to me.”

Immediately, the injure man swung his arm and knocked the volunteer in the throat. He stole the knife and attempted to stand up with a leap at Moroni’s back. Without looking, Moroni leaned to his left and dropped his elbow on to the would-be attacker’s head. He fell to the ground without a defense.

Luke stared at the scene with his mouth open. Moroni stepped over the man and stepped on his wrist to pull the knife from his hand.

“Well, NOW his nose and wrist are broken.” Luke said with a wave.

Molly took a breath as she reached a hand to the dashboard.

Luke watched as Molly pulled her other arm away from the car. He started walking back to the car as to see what was going on. when the heat hit him, he was first surprised as he noticed it was coming from Molly’s open hand.

“What are you doing?” Luke called in horror, “you will set off the bomb!”

“I can move heat.” Molly explained in annoyance. “I pull it from one place and concentrate it in another”

“Well that’s cool.” Luke said trying to not make light of the situation.

“I can cool the air to freezing but I need to act fast, so water doesn’t gather.” Molly explained, “watch out.”

As she pulled heat from the dashboard, the heat ignited the air outside the car. The emergency personnel stopped and watched as this woman’s arm burst into flames. Only Luke and Moroni could see the ice forming across the dashboard.

Soon, the dashboard was a solid white. All the dials were frozen in place.

“Don’t touch the dashboard or we will get hurt.”  Molly warned as she stopped her magic and stepped away.  “but the dial won’t move for a while.”

Luke was about to go in when reality hit.

An officer called to Molly and Luke, “Get away from the car.”

Moroni was talking to the officer that handcuffed the man from the trunk.

“There is a bomb in there.” Luke told a second officer that had come to look at the car.

The officer stopped and looked at Luke for a moment. In defiance, the officer opened the door and reached inside. His arm pulled one of the wires run into the frozen dashboard. It slid, and a shrill warning started.

Luke ran towards the danger as the officer tried to back out of the car. Luke grabbed him by the waist and pulled him out. Molly ran right behind Luke. With a small beep and a flash of light, the bomb went off.

In a burst of flames, Luke, Moroni, Molly, the attacker and an officer were engulfed. Onlookers screamed, the police officer that had originally opened the door laid on the ground behind where Molly had been, protecting his face from the harsh heat. He watched as the smoke and flames dispersed quickly. Pulling to a human figure directly in front of him.

 Molly stood with her back to the officer and the crowd. Her dress decimated from the heat. Both of her arms were outstretched, flames from the car pulled to her hands and appeared from her bare shoulders like a pair of wings. The burning wings spread to the sky with no smoke from the tips.

The spectators stared.