First find at least 3 victims…

kidding, almost.

This game can take 20 min- 4hours per round and as many rounds as the group wants. If you get a dedicated group you could keep a game going for months.

This version of the game can be played with a single players collection or the cards can be combined from several collections only if you want them back make-sure to sleeve all the cards you add to the communion.

 make sure you have enough Pokemon cards and enough time to play a round.

Prep Work

The prep work falls mostly on the Master, including:

  1. providing the map
  2. dice & coins
  3. story
  4. rival line up
  5.  gym line up
  6. Pokemon cards avalible for game play

The Trainers are responsible for

  1. Keeping track of pokemon in their team from previous rounds
  2. bringing the pawns that represent themselves

 The board should be set up with markers representing wild Pokemon markers set at random around the board. I recommend getting 10-20 and tossing them on the board all together removing any that fall out of bounds, or off the map.

After the markers are set, the Master places any pawns/markers that represent rivals or event pokemon. The Master then informs the trainers where their pawns will start on the map.

The Master should then lay out the story. and the game begins…