Hello my Name is Shua Ster and I am a Poke-halic…
I know what your thinking: “You are in your 20’s (Now 30’s) and like Pokemon!? Ha-ha.”
But, yes I do.

I still collect Pokemon cards…
no, correction:
I still have a lot of Pokemon cards. I haven’t got any new ones since I got married. (I harbor no ill Will.)

lets get the rules here.

The game is a D&D style turn based fantasy board game. Making it complex to explain but easy to play.

The Players

  1. Master (There is only one per game)
  2. Trainers

The Equipment Needed

  1. Game boards (made/selected by the master it should have a grid large enough to place a single player’s  pawn inside a space.)
  2. *Storyline(to go with game area)
  3. Pokemon cards (the more the better! >100 cards) they should be organized into:
    • Basic Pokemon/wild Pokemon (also include support trainers)
    • *Catch-able event Pokemon (legendary Pokemon that can be caught only at specific places or times)
    • Trainer Pokemon (monsters used by Master when acting as Gym leader or rival trainers. include stadium where wanted)
    • Evolution cards(stage 1 & 2 evolutions, lv X and EX cards should be included)
    • Energy cards (sub divided into types.)
    • Trainer cards (excluding support and stadium)
  4. Markers(glass beads to mark board where Pokemon are)
  5. Damage counters(the ones that come with the prebuilt desk work great.)
  6. Trainer Pawn (figures representing each player and any other people they can meet)
  7. 6-sided dice