Prophets and Apostles

The Latter-Day Saints have a giant organization. From local congregations called Wards, to regional groups called Stakes, all the way up to a world wide church. 

 Some that object to this international organization of Church government and accuse us of putting man in high position in our lives and not God.

This could not further from the truth. We see this organization as a way to keep us close to God. We have it that way so that everyone’s needs can be met and so we can stay united in our understanding of God’s expectations in a changing world.  Local problems and miss conceptions don’t always translate to the world level so we have local congregations but unified under a world wide inspired government.

If you look in the Bible, in the New Testament, you will see that most of Paul’s letters are focused on individual and area specific problems, correcting misconceptions and keeping them in “one faith”, and Peter spent the good part of Acts doing the same thing organizing the people where ever he went.

We still need that guidance. We are not perfect we need apostles and prophets as Gods representatives on earth. These are men that God has called not that people have voted in and I have faith that God will direct them to say what needs to be said, no matter if we like it or not. We see them as having the same power as Moses, Elijah, Joshua, Paul, Peter, Samuel, or Isaiah. They are in no way in the position of God and any person who worships them as such is a blasfimer and an idiot.

I do not mean to step on anyone’s toes, I believe most religions have a element of truth, but the entire premise of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day is that Jesus wants us as His Latter-Day followers to be unified in our faith and convictions, supporting everyone in there righteous endeavors and keeping or efforts to salvation and exaltation united. We cannot take a contrary view of Gods commandments and still be going in the right direction.

Q: Who was the last apostle called according to the Bible?

A: Paul

Q:Did he follow Christ During His mortal ministry?

A: No

Q: How did he become an Apostle?

A: (do your own research)

Q: When & Why did Christ Stop Calling Apostles?

A: He stops when people won’t accept them. He only calls when people will listen.

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