Adam & Eve

Adam fell that men might be ; and men are that they might have joy


-2 Nephi 2:25

As a Latter-Day Saint I have a great appreciation for Adam and Eve the sacrifice and challenge they took on. I have personally talked to several friends who do not understand the gravity of this story nor do many understand that their mortality was part of Gods plan.


2 immortal people in 1 garden for the possibility of forever with 2 commandments one is: “DO NOT EAT THE FRUIT” of a single tree. what are the odds that they will disobey?


Does an all knowing God know what will happen here?

Of course this is a loaded question. One answer would make you say God isn’t as powerful as we believe. The other answer would prove the point I am trying to prove.

God knows what He is doing. And he knew if he created a planet , put people on it, allowed the Devil to temp them for enough time. they would give in.

Now, why?

That first quote I gave is actually piece of a great lesson on the importance of the fall of Adam. The purpose and meaning of life are also in there but you can go look for yourself.

The point I wanted to make here is that Adam and Eve’s fall from perfection was not unexpected, unplanned, or unnecessary. God allowed the fall to happen so we could learn by experience.

Can you really tell some one what salt tastes like or do they have to taste it to know it?


Can you really know if you are happy till you know sorrow?

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